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1001 Ways CD Dream come true
Released Now

1001 Ways: Gandhi

Gandhi "Feat. the Original Voice of Mahatma Gandhi"

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Natural Mystic EP
Natural Mystic (Bob Marley tribute) EP is an innovative organic
mix of new original sounds, most surprising in
1001 Ways world beat version of Bob Marley's
song "Natural Mystic", a great tribute to Bob Marley's legacy


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live ethno-meditation

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Café del Mar (Rue du Soleil):
Song Nr.3 World`s Voices
(re mix of Jay Guru, 1001Ways)


Spirit of Chill Out Vol I
Dancing City /Clubber/CLCD 002

1. Supernova - Summer Of Love
2. Scrapper - Let The Music
3. Paradiso Gregoriano - 1001 Ways

1 1001 Ways Paradiso Gregoriano
2 G.E.M. Yo Te Siento Asi (I Feel You Tonight)
3 Dr. Felix ABC (Flying Like An Angel)
4 XXL It's Cool Man (Airplay Cut)
Featuring - P. "Cool Man" Steiner
5 20 Fingers (Radio Mix)
6 Amanda Lear Everytime You Touch Me

Snow-Dance Artikel-Nr. 1695405
CD 1
1.  Cyberspace (Radio Mix) - U-matic
2.  Heigh-hoo - Heigh-hoo (Airplay Version) - Snow White
3.  Send Me An Angel (Radio Version) - B-cap
4.  Stop This Dream (Radio Edit) - The Gush
5.  Bee in My Bonnet (Club Mix) - F.U.N.O
6.  Marcello the Mastroianni (Radio Mix) - Silicon Dream
7.  Take My Hand (Radio-mix) - S Sweet'n
8.  Redwire Desire (Radio Edit) - Mind 4 Soul
9.  2 the Top (Take Me Up) (Fm-radio Mix) - Sundown
10.  Girl (Original Mix) - Ahmex
11.  Summer of Love - Supernova
12.  Stay Tuned (Radio) - Very High Frequenzy
13.  Paradiso Gregoriano (Tribal Version) - 1001 Ways
14.  The Sky (Check Radio Cut) - Space Pirates
15.  Xtc (Radio Version) - Drive
16.  Grosser Baer (Radio Edit) - K2

Spirit of Chill Out Vol II
Dancing City /Clubber/CLCD 003

Morinda Juice
SSI No:SSI110012-2  Dancing City

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